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Kraken TV

A Perfect Mini ‘Pocket Television’ for Your Smartphone!

1.4.5 for Android KrakenTV
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KrakenTV is a perfect application, here to revolutionize the world of Television. It allows us to watch all our favorite channels effortlessly from our small Android devices and can rightly be called a mini ‘Pocket Television’.

KrakenTV APK can help users browse through an endless list of channels and watch whatever they like the best. It provides all movie and entertainment channels, news, sports, music and everything else a regular television would provide for you.

The best advantage is that a person is not required to sit stationary in front of a television box and can take the KrakenTV V2 with them wherever they go. Be it watching a movie in a long journey or simply catching a quick peek at the news before office, this app provides it all.

Kraken TV App has a very simple installation process and does not even require the user to download any extra files, documents or extensions. After installing the app, one can straightaway start watching the programs on the channels. Kraken TV APK is compatible with your mobile phones as well as your tablets and only needs a wifi or data connection to work.

Another useful feature is that the Kraken TV for Android makes available channels from different countries as well such as the United States, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and also Spain. So one is not only limited to channels of their own country but gets a worldwide view of the trending topics.

The menu is very simplistic and one can easily browse through all the channels according to the category. You can sort by the channels of your country, movie channels or those that play only music. Moreover, Kraken TV allows users to select certain channels as their favorites which they can later easily access from the ‘Favourites’ tab.


  • Streams all the popular and latest channels.
  • Channels of US, Spain & Latin American countries also available.
  • Sorted according to categories.
  • Easily browse through the user-friendly interface.
  • Set certain channels as favorites.
  • Works on data or wifi connection.

Another major reason for multiple cases of Kraken TV App download is that the app also has a ‘Chromecast’ feature so that if you’re just sitting at home and wish to watch a channel not available on our TV, you can do so via the app.

Name: KrakenTV
Developer: KrakenTV
App Version: v1.4.5
App Size: 31.79 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: EntertainmentOnline TV, Movies and Series
License Type: Free
Downloads: 900,000+

Download Kraken TV for Android devices to effortlessly watch television on a portable device and be entertained and educated wherever and whenever.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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